FAQ: OneManBand (OMB) - A New Way to Play Guitar
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Will the upgrade kit fit on my guitar?

Unless you’re rocking something super unusual, the short answer is yes. If you want to double check, OMB requires a minimum 5" x 3" of empty and smooth guitar body beneath the bridge for the OMB Upgrade Kit.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:09

If I need to replace a string, what brand can I use/would you recommend?

Any non-coated metal strings will work great with OMB, we will sell OMB brand strings too! Our strings are coated so they are conductive but don’t suffer corrosion. OMB strings require less maintenance in terms of corrosion and conductivity than standard metal strings - and in the long term give a better result.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

How is the OMB installed?

The OMB uses a 3M adhesive backing to stay on your guitar. The installation process involves soldering a small wire that runs along the neck of your guitar to the ends of the frets. This process takes about about 10 minutes, and can even be done by most guitar repair shops.

We have ensured that you can easily remove the 3M tape and clean up any residual adhesive with alcohol - it leaves no marks. To remove the metal wire from your guitar you will need to de-solder the connection point on each fret. We have made sure that both the installation and removal of our product will leave your guitar with absolutely no marks or damage when following our instructions, and should you not feel up for the task, most guitar repair shops will perform the work. If guitar modifications are not your speed, we are also selling guitars with the OMB technology built in.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

How difficult is it to move the OMB from one guitar to another?

We will be offering the installation gear separately on our website, i.e. the wire and adhesives, so that the wiring and soldering can be done on more than one guitar, and then the device can be moved between guitars.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

Will OMB work with my steel fretted guitar?

Steel fretted guitars are relatively rare and the soldering process does not work well with them. We’re looking into ways of making this work, but at the moment OMB is not compatible with steel frets.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

Is there a left handed version of the built in electric/acoustic guitar, and how do I select that version?

Yes there is a left handed version of both the electric and acoustic built-in guitars. We send an additional form to our backers to fill out options like left handed or right handed, as well styles and other options.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

It looks like the upgrade kit might interfere with palm muting!

Palm muting is indeed possible with the OMB upgrade kit installed on your guitar. You simply remove the front plate and you will have full access to the bridge area for palm muting!

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

My guitar has stainless-steel frets. Can the OMB upgrade kit be attached to and used on a guitar with stainless steel frets?

At the moment, OMB is not compatible with stainless steel frets :(

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

Does OMB record loops?

Absolutely – Absolutely - Absolutely!! You could save them on the fly either by pressing the record button on the app or by assigning the pedal to do that for you!

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

Bridge Compatibility: Is my guitar’s bridge compatible? How are the strings connected to the bridge? What are those sleeves on the strings?

Most electric guitar bridges are made with a conductive metal and would interfere with OMB's string detection. We provide an insulation sleeve that isolates the strings. These insulation sleeves don’t have any effect on the string's sound, (tested rigorously). The sleeves are compatible with all bridges, and are not necessary on non-conductive bridges. The sleeves, along with all necessary set-up gear is included in the box you’ll receive, but also available separately with an instruction guide. This isn’t an issue for acoustic guitars since all bridges are compatible with OMB.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

OMB Detection: What exactly does OMB detect from my playing? Can OMB recognize open strings? Can OMB recognize bending or dynamics?

OMB detects the strings you press, and where you press them. There’s currently no dynamic data or bending. This isn’t really a limitation, but done purposefully as it enables the backing track to adjust according to the chords/notes being played in real time. The guitar, whether it be your own with an OMB upgrade, or one of our OMB built-ins, will output its full original sound including open strings through an independent PL cable to your amp or system, where it’s accompanied by OMB's customized backing track. OMB does not interfere or change the authentic sound or method of playing the guitar, so you can still bend and play with dynamics or open notes regardless of the backing track.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

What kind of strings can I use with OMB?

Most non-coated metal strings work great with OMB. When it comes to coated strings however, the results may vary. OMB has branded strings with a special anti-corrosion coating that doesn’t interfere with the conductivity of the strings or the accuracy of OMB, and are the strings we recommend for optimal OMB use. These are included in the OMB packs.

Last updated: December 07, 2017 02:12

What types of instruments and styles are supported on the app?

The app will include endless backing tracks of with different sounds (Pianos, strings, organs, bass, brass, wind instruments, Drum kits, synth, vocals and more) and styles, which we will keep update regularly after launching.

Last updated: July 27, 2018 11:57

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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